Personal work and Holistic Healing Arts

After having taken pictures for a client at the Egyptian museum in Santa Clara, I have a few hours of free time which I spent taking pictures of the garden for my own portfolio.

Here is another secret about me….. I am into Holistic Healing Arts. Since 1998 I have been studying Medical Qigong and now I teach this wonderful art whenever I can. It is very meditative and very simple to perform. Qigong can be thought as repetitive Tai Chi movement that incorporates breathing method, posture and mind intent. Presently, I am also dedicating my time to study Craniosacral which is another powerful gentle healing art that is IMO very similar to Qigong; and also Tibetan Taichi/Qigong. Anyhow, for my upcoming class at the Courtside Gym in Los Gatos I need a picture for the flyer. That’s where lovely Hayley come into the picture.


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