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Sofia’s Baptism dresses

I have been photographing Sofia since she was in her mom’s belly, and I just adore this little lady. She is neverView full post »

Smiley Baby Emma

Baby Emma loves to smiles and let out cute giggles every now and then. What a joy to be around her. Now look at thisView full post »

Little Zoe

Giggle time with mommy… She loves to dance with Polish Gypsy songs, of course, when Dad dances around she has toView full post »

Amber and her little angels

Last year I photographed Amber and her little angels, so it is time for another session in time for the Spring ’08View full post »

Jacadi Store, Santana Row

For the Winter 07 promotion, I am offering a Free Session for JACADI clients who spent over $250.00 at their store. ForView full post »

Little Jack

This beautiful 1 month old baby Jack, I must say not a camera shy. So calm and mature for his age. 🙂 Here is theView full post »

Los Gatos Baby Boutique

If you often stroll down N. Santa Cruz Blvd in downtown Los Gatos, you will probably notice a cute baby store called LosView full post »

Far East Sweethearts

While visiting Jakarta, Indonesia 3 weeks ago, I had a chance to photograph cute Indonesian babies and children. HereView full post »

Riley’s 1st Birthday Party

To view the slideshow click on the Play button below…. wait for the white bar to be filled with white so it mayView full post »

Little Devin

I took Cheryl’s maternity pictures which I have included on my website, and now it is time for her cute son, DevinView full post »


She is barely 2 and a half weeks old but she almost can lift her upper trunk up. What an amazing little lady.View full post »

Little Angels

Amber’s 3 little Angels are so cute and they love to be photographed. We went to the Rose Garden to do the shoot.View full post »

Gisele’s Baptism

Off to the beautiful St.Joseph cathedral in downtown San Jose for Gisele Husted bapstism. This little girl has theView full post »

Precious Little Ava

My long time friends, Brett and Rebecca, just had their first baby girl. Her name is Ava. I had the wonderfulView full post »

Day In The Life Session

Children are my favorite subjects and I love to do the “Day In The Life” sessions. Recently, I had theView full post »